Teknologi Tenaga Perlis Consortium Sdn Bhd (TTPC), incorporated on 11th July 1996, was granted a license by the Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Posts (now known as the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water) to build, own and operate a power plant in Malaysia. TTPC is one of the six Independent Power Producers (IPPs) established under the Malaysian Privatisation Scheme to supply electricity to the national electric utility company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

The Electricity Generating License that TTPC carries has a concession period of 21 years from the date of commercial operation of the plant. Its 650MW power plant in Perlis is a combined cycle gas plant, in which the exhaust heat from the gas turbines is utilised to generate steam to power the steam turbine.

Under the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), TTPC is selling the plant’s total electrical generating capacity and energy production to TNB for a tenure of 21 years from the Scheduled Commercial Operation Date of the plant. Energy offtake conditions in the PPA are based on a two-part tariff structure whereby TTPC will receive a fixed payment for selling capacity (“Available Capacity Payment”) and a variable payment for selling energy (“Energy Payment”). Available Capacity Payment (ACP) is designed to cover all fixed operating and capital costs while Energy Payment (EP) is to cover all fuel and variable operating costs.

In addition to the PPA, TTPC also signed the Gas Supply Agreement (GSA), Backup Fuel Supply Agreement (BFSA) and Operation and Maintenance Agreement (OMA). Under the GSA, which is valid for 21 years, the national oil and gas company, Petronas will supply natural gas to TTPC’s plant. As the PPA requires TTPC’s gas turbines to run on dual fuel – natural gas and distillate fuel oil, the IPP is receiving the supplies from TNB Fuel and Exxon Mobil. The BFSA ensures that during severe gas curtailment, the plant would still be able to run 7 days continuously with the stored backup fuel. Under the OMA, TTPC through its wholly owned subsidiary company Global E-Technic Sdn Bhd operates and maintains the power plant according to all the requirements stipulated and ensure that the plant is operated and maintained within the terms of the PPA and all relevant regulatory requirements.

TTPC is one of the lowest cost electricity producers in Malaysia, as indicated by its role as a base loaded plant by TNB. The IPP offers complete range of expertise and experience to undertake a major power generation project from concept through construction, commissioning and operations. It has extensive experience in the financing, planning, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power stations in a competitive environment. Its proven track record reflects its strengths as a power developer and operator; one that combines technical excellence and sound practical operating experience.