TTPC Perlis Power Plant Project was funded through a USD 480 Million Al-Istisna Islamic Serial Bond Facility (TTPC Bond) on a non-recourse project base structure. The Bond was initially rated a AA3 rating by RAM and has been now upgraded to AA1 rating since 2007.

Through the financing for the power plant, the project team has gained expertise in negotiating for optimum sources of finance, including balancing the options of private sources of equity, export credits and other forms of funding by financial institutions. The team is also able to arrange finance in a variety of forms, including term loan, floating rate notes, bonds, preference shares, interest rate and currency hedging arrangement.

Other skills that the team possess include:

  • Project Appraisal Using Computer Based Modeling Techniques.
  • Risk Identification and Analysis.
  • Bid Evaluation and Negotiation on Project Documents.
  • Structuring Complex Leading Packages.
  • Obtaining Rating that Minimizes the Cost of Funding.
  • Negotiating Optimum Sources of Finance, including Private Sources of Equity, Export Credits and other Forms of Funding by Financial Institutions
  • Arranging Finance in a Variety of Forms, including Term Loan, Floating Rate Notes, Bonds, Preference Shares, Interest Rate and Currency Hedging Arrangement.